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ENLARGE ENLARGE is the 4.0 administration system, created by Nebulous Systems, used in UNILabs to define the connections to the remote laboratories, admin and manage their use through user roles, access rights, etc. and to control the automatic powering on and off of the lab equipment, lights and so on.
UNED The Spanish Open University (UNED) contributes to the UNILabs network maintaining the server that hosts the  Moodle-based web portal. Besides, the Department of Informática y Automática makes available to this network (and the to whole Moodle community) a set of plugins, known as EJSApp, that allow the easy integration and management of virtual and remote laboratories, developed in EJS, within the Moodle platform
UHU The University of Huelva has developed a system for the remote access to laboratory resources (ENLARGE). This system has been made available for UNILabs to facilitate establishing communications between the users of this network and the physical devices and resources used by the remote laboratories.

The University of Murcia, by means of Prof. Francisco Esquembre, provides the free and open source program known as Easy Java Simulations (EJS). This software is used to create the virtual laboratories applications, as well as the graphical user interfaces for the remote laboratories.

The University of Alicante is responsible for adding a real-time synchronization functionality to the EJS applications. Thanks to the combination of this work with the use of the EJSApp plugins, UNILabs offers its users the possibility of creating collaborative sessions for working with the virtual and remote laboratories.
UCM The Complutense University of Madrid provides its experience and talent to the UNILabs network in the form of several virtual and remote laboratories related to control engineering and automatic topics, enriching this way the offer of systems users can experiment with in this portal.
UAL The University of Almería cooperates with the UNILabs network of laboratories by means of an online course about advanced control and a couple of virtual and remote labs related to that field.
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