Solid waste shredders are useful machines for reducing the volume of bulky waste like reams of paper, wood pallets,furnitures, bumpers, tires, IBCs, refrigerators, and the shredding of various materials like scrap iron, aluminum, copper, plastic, bagasse, municipal solid waste, and industrial waste. Wiscontech industrial shredder are essential for eco-centers, landfills, wrecking yards, and all organizations involved in waste management and recycling. Twin shaft shredders are designed with high efficiency and performance, as well as durability. They are recommended for the treatment of any type of solid waste and are available in a variety of models to meet a variety of size reduction and pre-shredding requirements. The slow-speed shredding allows for very high torques while using very little fuel. The use of special steels for the blades ensures exceptionally long life cycles and significant savings on spare parts. The one-of-a-kind blade allows for the most efficient use of upstream sorting facilities or in the treatment of MSW or RDF. Our 33-year technology enables you to make the most of each processing stage in order to obtain homogeneous products that can be transported and processed further: ideal for HDPE Recycling Machine. as well as recycling resources, materials, and energy. Discover more: Wiscontech Machinery. Do you require a shredding solution for a specific application? Select your application from the list below to see a list of high-performance shredder machines that can meet your business needs and get the job done right. We have shredder machines suitable for shredding documents, plastic, e-waste, metal, wood, and other materials. Wiscon Envirotech develops solid waste shredders, plastic granulators and recycling systems. We produce single shaft shredder, double shaft shredder, quad shaft shredder, heavy-duty plastic granulator, shredder-granulator combination, and friction washer. Fiberglass shredder and FRP recycling machine Hemp shredder Aluminum recycling and shredder machine
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